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REVIEW: Nas’ Illmatic Stands the Test of Time for 20th-Anniversary Reissue

REVIEW: Nas’ <i>Illmatic</i> Stands the Test of Time for 20th-Anniversary Reissue

Seen at the Tribeca Film Festival…we loved it!!!


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Two summers ago, I was dragged on a date that included a trip to Governor’s Island. For the unfamiliar, that’s the small island between Brooklyn and Manhattan where the Governor’s Ball is held. It didn’t look like there was much to the community, with its constant quietness, the lack of commercial centers, and just how far removed it was — or at least felt like — from regular NYC hustle.

I do credit an otherwise fruitless trip to Governor’s for yielding a first for me. When you travel to the island’s coast at sunset and look outward beyond the island’s parameters, you’ll spot a brown structure freckled with yellowish lights emanating from the project windows rising against the sunset. I was looking at Queensbridge.


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e intanto iniziano le prove di…”La Musica Provata”…

Da una finestra di Napoli, da una voce che canta una melodia notturna, si dipana il racconto delle musiche di una vita.
Svariando tra meridiani e paralleli una folla di canzoni produce l’ effetto di coro, in colonna sonora di allegrie e malinconie, fuochi
d’artificio e fuochi fatui.
“La Musica Provata” è il resoconto di una gratitudine musicale.