George Clooney’s Nazi Problem in ‘Monuments Men’


“Monuments Men” joins films ranging from “The Producers” to “Life Is Beautiful” in trying to mix comedy with the Third Reich

George Clooney wasn’t kidding when he said he was having a hard time finding the right tone for “The Monuments Men.”

The director-star confessed he was struggling to find the right balance between comedic elements and serious World War II subject matter during a conversation with TheWrap’s Editor-in-Chief, Sharon Waxman, shortly before the movie was delayed late last fall. Now that his movie’s finished it’s easy to see what he was talking about. A cross between “Hogans Heroes” and “Ocean Eleven,” the reverse heist movie aims for a breezy tone, but is uneven at best…the rest in the link below…ciao!

via George Clooney’s Nazi Problem in ‘Monuments Men’: It’s Hard to Have Fun With Hitler – TheWrap.


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  1. It’s hard to have fun with Hitler but it’s even harder to mix comedy with the Holocaust like Benigni did. In fact it’s horrendous and sacrilegious. The Holocaust is sacred and it can only be seen for what it really is and no hint of comedy should ever get near it.
    Carlo Rocco

    • Dear Carlo, thank you for following us!
      Just a clarification, the movie we were talking about in our post is about art, and for sure it was not George Clooney intention to laugh about the Holocaust. We hope you can go and see this movie with an open mind to what it is really about…grazie and…CIAO!

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