“Fresh Face Friday”!



I receive every week a newsletter from the  MissRepresentation.org Team. I love what they are doing…they are reminding all of us how powerful and beautiful is to be…a woman! Today I would like to share with you some of their tips…enjoy!

“Last week, as part of our continuing “Fresh Face Friday” campaign, we challenged limiting standards of beauty by choosing to reduce our overall makeup use by 5 dollars, 5 minutes or 5 products. Rather than giving up on makeup completely, it was an opportunity to step back and assess just how much time, energy and money we each spend on the process every week.
It’s proved hard for many to go every Friday without makeup, while for others it’s been much easier, but it may be even harder for a lot of us to go without makeup in certain environments. Whether it’s at the office, a dinner party or even at yoga class, for many of us, there are specific social environments that bring with them added pressure to conform to a socially constructed standards of beauty.

This week, pick one event where you feel the most pressure to be made up (it may differ for each of us) and try attending without makeup (or maybe without heels, or fancy hair). Makeup can be really fun when saved for special occasions, but we should never feel as if we need it to feel good about ourselves or to be accepted.

Remember, we are role models to the girls and women around us; and, participating in #FreshFace, even if only for a few hours, is an opportunity to show young girls that they don’t need any outside source to feel confident and beautiful in their bodies.

Join us today on Twitter as we discuss this and last week’s action! Use #FreshFace and share with the community the social situation you will face this week makeup free. Let’s support one another in transforming our culture of limiting beauty ideals!


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The MissRepresentation.org Team”

English: Documentary film directed by Jennifer...

Documentary film directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom


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