What’s Next? From Silvia


Now that the shooting of our movie is over, I thought I would breathe with relief and instead I keep realizing that the job of a producer is never over, not until our little movie will have a life of its own and travel to be seen by people all over the world! Sometimes I even stop and wonder how it all came about, how we came into this wonderful and inspiring story, how so many incredible people got together to bring to the screen the majestic beauty of our Dolomites, the courage of the characters who climb those peaks as a promise to life, the courage of facing the void below and keep pushing forward.

I have a new admiration for our actors who, never having climbed before, literally entrusted their lives to our Alpine guides, especially Diego Zanesco, who held the ropes while they were climbing: I have done it myself, at the end of the movie, one of the “ferratas”, those mountain ways – there are many in the Dolomites in Trentino – where an iron rope helps you climbing and feeling secure, and it is an incredibly exciting experience.

Our movie will be ready by the Fall (soon we will share our exciting news about which international festival it will premiere at) and one of the things we are thinking about is changing the English title: “The Night Shift is Covered by the Stars” is   literal translation of Erri De Luca’s original title (Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle), but we opted for a shorter title, “Stars Work the Night Shift”, we hope you like it!

In the meantime, Julian Sands is in London with his family and getting ready to come back to Italy to receive an award by the Salento Finibus Terrae in Puglie; Nastassja Kinski, after a few days in Sardinia, is visiting young athletes in Sicily to talk about her documentary about the importance of sports in life, especially among young people. She will also come to Puglie for the Salento Finibus Terrae and then in Calabria for the Magna Graecia Film Festival. I think she fell in love again with Italy and wants to stay! As for our director, Edoardo Ponti, is back in Los Angeles finishing the editing of the movie and loving what he is creating in his hands. And our writer, Erri De Luca…well, he is back in his beloved Dolomites climbing of course with his friend Diego. Life returns to normal.


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