“Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle” and…canederli!


last day of shooting…we are so happy to have been part of this amazing adventure, but really, very sad to say goodbye…so, let’s talk about food, the only thing that can give Italians a smile…

A typical Dolomiti dish is “Canederli with spinach“:
For 6 persons
500 grams diced bread
half an onion
4 eggs
100 grams 00 flour
50 grams grated Parmesan cheese
1 cup of milk
400 grams spinach
SAUCE: 500 cl vegetable broth with all its vegetables – 3 packets of saffron – 3 tbsp cream.
Put the ingredients for the canederli in an ample bowl and mix with the milk until a tick mixture is obtained. Use a ladle to form balls and wet your hands to compact them as if they were balls of snow. Cook in boiling water for ten minutes. Use the mixer to make the sauce, including the vegetables, the broth, the saffron and the cream.
Blend everything well and add a dash of freshly ground pepper.
Pour the sauce onto a large serving dish and set the previously drained canederli on it.
Ok, tonight in Vigo Di Fassa, we’ll eat canederli!!!

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