Alex O’ Loughlin on organ donation


Alex O’ Loughlin on organ donation.


Now that I am so involved in the short film “Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle”, which we are shooting the the Dolomites this July, I seem to find so many people who really care about organ donation and dedicate so much of their time to a global awareness of this important issue. The film, written by Erri De Luca and directed by Edoardo Ponti, is the story of two people who are given a new chance to life thanks to a heart transplant.  So it was a pleasure the other day to find this common interest in Alex O’ Laughlin, the star of “Hawaii 5-0”, who  became involved with organ donation since working on CBS’ “Three Rivers” show. I met Alex (and his co-star Scott Caan) in Los Angeles during a break from “Hawaii 5-0” which is, of course, shooting in Honolulu. “Three Rivers was pitched to me by CBS and it was such a wonderful script and premise” explains Alex.  “The script was based on an real person, Gonzo Gonzales, who was at the time one of the leading heart surgeons in Cleveland Clinic. Thanks to this story I learned so much about organ donation,” Alex says.  “We all know how organ donation helps save lives but I never knew about the statistics and how important it can  be.  I heard stories, many stories of people who received an organ transplant, connected with them. We created a team. Unfortunately the show lasted not even a full season, but it has touched many. I believe we sent a message. I am an organ donor myself.”

Alex joined the organization called “Donate Life”  and dedicates as much time as he can to help spreading the word about the importance of organ donation, but being in Hawaii doesn’t make it very easy: “Being there I feel far from everything,” he says. “It’s wonderful to be in the middle of the ocean, but it  makes it difficult to stay in touch with what’s going on in the mainland.

I’m still very involved with organ donation and I talk to people about it all the time.

Every year I take part of an event called Taylor’s Gift, in memory of a little girl who died in a car accident, and her parents donated her organs, and saved a bunch of lives. I hope that with time, as my profile rises, people will start to care more about what I have to say – and do more for organizations like that.”






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