Thanks to my friend/partner Silvia, I can go to see movies just at the “begin” of their opening to the world…this time I could not wait to see Tom Cruise in a “Rock and Roll” version…like always, when he acts in a “unique” role, he amaze me…actually, the best part of the movie is when he interprets legendary rock tracks such as Bon Jovi’s “Dead Or Alive” or “Pour some sugar on me”…almost 50, he is an amazing, hot, Rock & Roll Star!

“When Cruise started this project more than a year ago, he didn’t know whether he could really sing. “Adam Shankman, the director, asked me if I could carry a tune,” Cruise tells me later. “I said, ‘We’ll see, won’t we? This is either going to work or it’s going to be dreadful.’ ”

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