Fashion, design, architecture, trends…Milan is all of this, and more.

 There are coffee shops where you can buy a painting, a bunch of daisies, and drink an aperitif. Florists  like the Bianchi Florist Shop, where you can eat in the same atmosphere of a Parisian bistro or take part in an eco-sustainable event.

 In an old bus station, the ATM bar, the craze is the “Talking aperitif”: a young writer talks about his book, while an artist arrange his set up between readings, performances and music.

 At “Perle, Petali e Pennelli”, you go to buy a pin and you leave with a bunch of forget-me-nots…

 This the Milan we love, where “flexibility” is everywhere…where factories are transformed into lofts and showrooms and uniques pieces for unique people no longer have one center but many centers. 

At Gualtiero Marchesi’s Marchesino Restaurant you can see dishes on iPads and  learn something.

If you go out for the evening and decide to participate in multiple events, you can meet the young architect who invented shoes for horses and the expert in deluxe sandwiches who is designing a club with a grand piano, crazy expensive porcelain and linen table cloths for some nostalgic Russian gentleman; the trendy surgeon who has redone multitudes of feet and ankles, or the fashion blogger who received dozens of shoes as a gift and si now trying to sell them asking discreetly what size do you wear…all of these are Milan, none  of them completely, but replicate, without knowing it, the inclination of not wasting an opportunity.

More of our little discoveries soon…meanwhile…ciao!


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