Shakespeare And Company


If you are in Paris, you need to stop at Shakespeare And Company, this jewel-bookstore set in the heart of Paris. Since 1951, this place has kept its utopian ideals in a changing world, inviting writers and encouraging new ones.

Shakespeare And Company, at 37 rue de la Bucherie in Paris, was opened in August 1951 (two years before a sister bookshop City Lights was opened in San Francisco by Lawrence Ferlinghetti) by George Whitman with an inheritance from his aunt. From the very first night he allowed travelers, young writers, poets and artists to lodge in exchange for a hand in cleaning the shop, building shelves and selling books. They were also encouraged to read a book a day during their stay and were asked for two hours work as contribution to the running of the shop.  On Sunday mornings he traditionally cooked his guests a pancake breakfast, brewing up a thin ersatz “syrup” out of some burnt sugar and water…this bookstore has so many stories to share with all of us, avid readers…

A very special place, to not miss…bises!


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