In Paris, architecture and art are emerged into the Prada Foundation’s latest project: a total and timed artwork  staging a serio-comic entertainment-reflection on museums. Glamorous, mysterious, unusual, pop-up, baroque, all mingle together with art!

Prada chose the Palais d’Ilena, a historical building designed by August Perret between 1936 and 1946, currently the house of the French Conseil  Économique, Social et Environmental,  as the setting for its runway shows ,where the artist Vezzoli organized the 24h Museum that  opened on January 24 – for 24 hours only. At  7am the museum opened its doors to visitors until 4:30. Finally, although complex, the “closing vernissage” and the museum disappears just as quickly as  it appeared. It’s in line with earlier projects’s Vezzoli and is part of his intimacy to realize projects with  public aspect.

Francesco Vezzoli says that “the idea is to create a real museum, with all its official annexe and connections: from magniloquent artworks to a tailored architectural design. The whole social structure usually associated with the inauguration of a museum was also recreated: the cerimonia dinner, the party, the press conference, the school or university visits, the minister cutting the ribbon…

It’s an ephemeral and ironic  construction to reflect about that today museums have become place where an infinite number of social rites are played out.

The Palais d’Ilena  has been filled with five-metre high, neoclassical figures with the heads of the celebrities Vezzoli has worked with, from Courtney Love to Cate Blanchett. The statues will light up in the course of the evening and “look like something you might find on the way to a brothel in Las Vegas”.

Ostentatious, ephemeral and kitsch, part of this provocative spectacle. “It could be seen as a tacky show-off or it could be seen as a deep political analysis of the role of institutions as social hubs,” says Vezzoli.

I personally loved it!



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