In the last number of Domus’review, the art critic and curator Massimiliano Gioni says: “An unprecedented region-wide initiative led by the Getty Center has transformed the Los Angeles area into a huge five-month art festival. Pacific Standard Time, which involves over 60 institutions, shows how history may be a form of resistance.”

An impressive initiative which take place from October to April 2012. Six months oh exhibitions in cultural institutions, among which the Getty Museum, the LACMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Watts Towers Arts Center, performances and retrospectives celebrating the short but influential history of Californian art from the end of the World War II to 1980.

“Modern art in California has been developing in its own original way, different if compared to the scene in the New York and the main art centers around the world”, explain W. Gaehtgens, director oh the Getty  Research Institute. “This history is characterized by a little abstract expressionism and a lot of pop art, performing and interesting revisitations oh the modernist architecture of surrealism. Pacific Standard Time wants to do justice to this art scene, to change our approach to it, unfairly considered second-class art for a long time”

“It has never happened before, anywhere in the world, that such a large number of cultural institutions of the same region worked together on a common project”, explain Michael Govan, director oh the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. “For year these institutions have silently worked on a huge historical research project. We interviewed artists, filed their archives, thus bringing forgotten  materials or even unreleased works to light”.

LA friends, a great ART-2012 is all for you!

Gioia Porrini Standard Time


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