A White, Right Christmas: SPIRAL


For the last 12 years I have dedicated a lot of my time and energy to the Spiral Foundation, which was started  by one of my closest friends, Marichia Arese Simcik: the purpose of the Foundation is that of promoting and participating in Humanitarian and Medical Projects in economically Developing Countries, giving dignified work to hundreds of people and assisting with medical needs. In the past 12 years, with the help of volunteers and one part-time employee in Los Angeles, we have returned over one and a half million dollars to people  in Vietnam, Nepal and now also to immigrant refugees in Italy. We financed over 300 heart surgeries to children born with congenital heart disease in Vietnam, we opened a clinic in a remote mountain area of Nepal and are now giving hope and work to a dozen African refugees in Rome, Italy. The Foundation works by providing skills, materials and salaries to local artisans who manufacture gift items which we sell in America and in Italy (they are on the internet on www.spiralfoundation.org): people are happy to purchase nice things while doing good at the same time. We call it the “gift of giving back”. And it makes everybody happy.. no wonder that every time I have a chance I show these items to the Hollywood celebrities I interview and almost all the time they are happy not only to receive them but to help! I wanted to explain the photos you will see here below… check out the Spiral Foundation, and go there for all your Christmas presents!

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