Me, Jeremy and SPIRAL


I met Jeremy Renner in Los Angeles the other day after seeing 30 minutes of some of the most exciting footage I have seen this year: the movie is Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, or MI4 as they say in the Hollywood lingo, and Paramount showed the footage to a small group of us at the IMAX offices in West LA. In one of the scenes we saw Tom Cruise literally climbs up seven floors of  Burj Khalifa,  the highest building in the world, 820 meters, in Dubai, or dangles upside down from the 107th floor while Jeremy Renner holds on to his feet! Vertigo? “Well,” said Renner, “if you think about it, whether you are leaning outside a window on the fourth floor or the 107, it doesn’t make much difference.  You’ll die anyway if you fall! But we were safe, and working on this movie was incredibly exciting, like being in a Disneyland for adults!” Here Jeremy is admiring the necklace made by African refugees in Rome with the project scArt of the Spiral Foundation.


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