WE HAVE LOVED (by Erri De Luca)

We have loved the Odyssey, Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe,
voyages of Sindbad and Conrad,
we were on the side of pirates and revolutionaries.
What are we missing for not being with the acrobats of today,
barbed wire and deserts jumpers,
stacked on the road to the gas chambers of the holds,
in cold storages, containers, connected to the axles of trucks?
What are we missing for an applause in our hearts,
for a coffee to the bearer of his father on his shoulder
and of her son in his arms
taken away from the city of Troy, emptied from the flames?
Blessed is the journey that takes you in, the Red Sea that lets you go,
the honor you give to us knocking on our window.


Abbiamo amato l’Odissea, Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe,
i viaggi di Sindbad e di Conrad,
siamo stati dalla parte dei corsari e dei rivoluzionari.
Cosa ci fa difetto per non stare con gli acrobati di oggi,
saltatori di fili spinati e di deserti,
accatastati in viaggio nelle camere a gas delle stive,
in celle frigorifere, in container, legati ai semiassi di autocarri?
Cosa ci manca per un applauso in cuore,
per un caffè corretto al portatore di suo padre in spalla
e di suo figlio in braccio
portato via dalle città di Troia, svuotate dalle fiamme?
Benedetto il viaggio che vi porta, il Mare Rosso che vi lascia uscire,
l’onore che ci fate bussando alla finestra.

Just an attempt to translate this beautiful poem…WE HAVE LOVED


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  1. Worth translating. There is a lot in it, words dropped in like bombs, missing, gas-chambers, flames; an image comes and vanishes, another comes so quickly, it could mean so many different things and so means all of them. Thank you.

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