We love their pasta…and their support for the Italian Cinema: PASTA GAROFALO!


“Pasta Garofalo is the Italian pasta synonymous with Italian film. Since 2006, our pasta has been intertwined into various plots on the silver screen:

In “Solo un padre” by Luca Lucini we showed how taste is important even for children.
In “Commediasexi “ by Alessandro Alatri we captured the essence of the high quality of our pasta.
In “Lezioni di Volo” by Francesca Archibugi we traveled around the globe as ambassadors of true Italian taste.
In “Ci sta un francese, un inglese ed un napoletano” we proclaimed our love and pride for our birthplace, Gragnano.
In “N – Io e Napoleone” by Paolo Virzì we traveled back in time to the reign of Napoleon.
In “La cura del Gorilla” we demonstrated how quality pasta can help peace and instill a sense of calm.
In “Saturno Contro” by Ferzan Ozpetek we highlighted the importance of how a good meal can be a lasting and beautiful memory.
In “Mi fido di te” we showed how pasta can be tremendously fun.
In “Notturno Bus” our pasta went for a ride.
In “Colpo d’Occhio” we were along side Riccardo Scamarcio and Sergio Rubini.

Garofalo Pasta was the first food producer – pasta or otherwise – to have signed an agreement with the legendary Cinecittà Holding – Istituto Luce, which supported projects of up and coming directors. We proudly collaborated Gianni Canova at IULM, one the most important universities in Italy for cinematography for their Master of Cinema curriculum. This rare Masters program in Italy allows passionate film students to advance their studies so that filmmaking can be their career.

We’ve been asked why we’ve invested – and continue to invest – in film and our answer is always simple: Because we love it!

We think that Garofalo Pasta has a great story to tell, although we’re certain there are several other great stories to be told out there. Some think our approach with product placement is simply a marketing ploy but we have a much more holistic view; our contribution to Italian cinema has enabled many others to realize their cinematic aspirations.

Our dedication also goes deeper than simply placing our pasta in geat films. Together with Edo Tagliavini and Fox we co-produced a short film called “l’Alchimia del Gusto.” Our first foray into film production proved so successful that we moved to produce a full length film called “Questione di gusti” with Pappi Corsicato, Ennio Fantastichini and Iaia Forte.

These two short films, and others that are in production, speak to our approach in producing and marketing pasta; we always strike a perfect balance between taste and image. No matter what avenue we choose our mission is always clear: To give you the best pasta available.

For his third short film Garofalo chose Valeria Golino, awarded with the Nastro d’Argento for this directorial debut, for the first time behind the camera for “Armandino e il Madre” a love story set among the beautiful rooms of a museum of contemporary art in the historic center of Naples (the name of the museum is Madre).
The Wholly Family written and directed by Terry Gilliam is another Garofalo precious short film.
The last work “Beyond the glass” written and interpreted by Erri De Luca, directed by Andrea Di Bari, with the extraordinary Isa Danieli, has opened the 68 Venice Film Festival.

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