One of the reasons why I love Madonna


Hi everybody!

It is not always easy to celebrate your own birthday…the entire year you try to make an effort to remember your best friends celebration, attempting to keep up with the unrelenting biological clock, while seeking after a way to change and make a better world, expressing yourself in different languages and fighting with your own “omnipotence complex”…
With all this “confusion”, I went to the Venice Film Festival and here she was: this gorgeous, around fifty lady, that sings, dance, makes movies and has still the time to play with an extravagant sense of humor…ok, here the facts:
At the Venice press conference for her upcoming movie “W.E.”, an admirer gave her some hydrangeas. Madonna did not realize that the microphone was on and so her phrase “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn’t know that”, was soon all over the world’s news.
Madonna’s answer to this episode, by her rep, was: “She’s entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the hydrangeas of the world…No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world but she prefers different types of flowers.”
And..she made a clip about it…in a day like my birthday, it is what I really needed: few minutes of “freeing” even if only from hydrangeas!
Happy everything, and enjoy the clip on Madonna’s website!



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