At Mantua: ‘Festivaletteratura’


Also this year Telecom Italia is a partner of Mantua ‘Festivaletteratura’ to support culture and diffusion of digital contents by means of new technologies.

Mantua ‘Festivaletteratura’ represents Telecom Italia’s opportunity to make known to the public new literary trails and reading-consulting modalities allowed by e-books.
During the event in schedule from the 7th  to the  11th of September, Telecom Italia’s stand at  Sordello Square will host “Traces”, a cycle of free encounters that will feature the major names of National and International literature, including Natalino Balasso, Erri De Luca, Carlo Lucarelli, Enrico Deaglio, Roger J. Ellory and many more.

“Traces” includes  23 appointments presented by Maurizio Matrone, each one dedicated to a different theme: from history to nature, from arts to journalism, from society to music, to the digital world’s new frontiers. The encounters will be broadcast live streaming on the websites and particularly the primetime appointments at 9:00 p.m. constitute an ideal study planning on contemporary literature that anyone could follow on the web thanks to particular interactive tools.  Also social networks will be featured: “Traces” encounters can be commented  on Telecom Italia’s pages both on Twitter and on  Facebook, and all visitors present in Mantua can leave notes and comments in the Twitter corner prepared in the stand at Sordello Square.

In that same stand, technology stations will be available to the public in order to contact directly the world of digital publishing. It will be possible to know that, with its 15,000 titles and over 200 publishers, is one of the richest e-book stores on the National scene, able to facilitate the process of consulting, selecting, buying, downloading and using the electronic cultural product  and freely consulting a selection of texts linked to the Festivaletteratura by means of  new generation e-readers, including brand new tablets using Android operative system through a dedicated App, i.e. Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy and TIM My TAB. Biblet’s App  can be downloaded also on iPad.

An area dedicated to the event has been realized in the store where, among other digital contents, books presented at the Festival and in “Traces” encounters can be consulted.

Wednesday September 7 

7:30 p.m. Constantine the great
In hoc signo vinces: Alessandro Barbero anticipates his initial investigations dedicated to the first Christian Emperor, founder of a new capital city and saint of the Church of the East.
9:00 p.m. when an actor becomes a writer
From stage to desk: why is this step ever more frequent? Natalino Balasso relates his reasons.
Thursday September 8 

12.30 p.m. the missing word
How many ways can human life express itself? Far beyond writing, Eliane Brum identified a great number of them, starting from the extraordinary characters who accompanied her news travels through Brazil.
3:30 p.m. foreign fathers, Italian children?
Unity Square (Piazza dell’Unità). Reality and imaginary about the second generation of foreigners: parents and children, during the time of web 2.0. Discussion by Maurizio Matrone and Mihai Mircea Butcovan.
5:30 p.m. a lesson in elegance
Eyes are not enough: it should be looked at with the eyes of the soul. Elegance hides in details. It takes the magnifying glass of feelings to recognize it. Like the one used by Cesare Rimini (Maybe not. Searching for elegance).
7:00 p.m. McLuhan. the man who saw the future
He gave way to studies on media, drew the outline of what would be called communication science. But  – to Marco Belpoliti – much of what he said, Marshall McLuhan still has to say it (a hundred years after his birth).
9:00 p.m. the gardener of lost languages
Studying a language – says Erri De Luca – is like planting  a tree. At first it struggles, then slowly it frees itself from the starting point and slowly takes root, branching down and up.


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