Silvia and…Venice


Venice this year has been the best.
I saw a lot of great movies, loved particularly Terraferma by Emanuele Crialese, and I am looking forward Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, the new film with Colin Firth, tonight.
Last night I took Olga Sorokina, the owner of the legendary designer company IRFE’ to the dinner in honor of Al Pacino at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice and it was fun to spend time with Pacino and the fabulous actress of Wilde Salome, Jessica Chastain. Today I am hanging out with Livia Firth, the queen of the “green carpet”, and we’ll make plans to bring a higher level of consciousness to the fashion world! Livia is an inspiration, I will tell you all about her new ideas!



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  1. Dear Silvia and Paola,
    You are in Venice and I think you have the desire and the ability to see the film on day 7 MATERNITY BLUES by Fabrizio Cattani for Controcampo Italian. In the film plays my great little friend that I’ve seen born and grow and to which I am very fond of: Clare Martegiani.
    You can look at the film and in particular Clare for me?
    Your devoted fan Paolo

    Carisime Silvia e Paola
    Siete a Venezia e credo abbiate la voglia e la possibilità di vedere il giorno 7 il film
    MATERNITY BLUES di Fabrizio Cattani per la sezione Controcampo Italiano. Nel film recita una mia piccola e grande amica che ho visto nascere e crescere ed alla quale sono molto affezionato: Chiara Martegiani.
    Potete dare un’occhiata al film ed in particolare a Chiara per conto mio?
    Il Vostro devotissimo fan Paolo

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