From Durres to Venice


Just came back from Durres, in Albania, where the fourth Summerfest Durres International Festival is underway in this harbor town 30 miles from the capital of Tirana. Enjoyed watching Barry Lyndon again on the big screen in a beautiful Blue Ray projection and some films from Kosovo and Rumania which would have been really difficult to catch in the US! Being there with one of my best friends, Paola Bellusci, really helped: it would have been hard to find some beautiful beaches outside of Durres (which is pretty horrible) without her.. but then grilled fish, beautiful sea and learning about what the Albanians went through during  their 45 years dictatorship made it all worth it! Actress Claudia Cardinale has also just arrived and the festival is now anxiously waiting the arrival of Francis Ford Coppola. But I had to leave because I couldn’t miss Venice Film Festival opening night with George Clooney and my friend Erri De Luca’s short  at the festival! Thank goodness the other friend “Paola” was waiting for me as well!


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