A voudou sculpture in a 2011 “world”


Ciao! This is my first “Ohpen” blog, an opportunity to write and exchange opinions about my favorite subject: ART.
I just finished to read an intriguing article, and I’m sharing with you an expert of it.
The July/August issue of Domus shows different point of view about AFRICA.
Alessandro Mendini, an important Italian architect, asks us to explore the magical power of objects – messenger and go – between objects, talismans and medicines for the body and the spirit. Inspired by the Vodun exhibition at the Foundation Cartier in Paris, he says: “Bocio dolls are brimming with soul and otherness: anthropomorphic charms that intercede in all directions. Their presence is as disconcerting as their ugliness. They are an assemblage of bits of wood, bird skulls and bones, feathers, animal parts, fabrics, nails and chains, glass, carved heads and horsehair, all held together with string, oils, clay, wedge and arrows, as in the mertydrom of St Sebastian. Every item oh this encyclopedia and its highly concentrated materials has its precise end personalized meaning: removal oh en enemy’s weapon, longevity, ….etc. We could all do with a bocio, an object-idol and fetish that we are afraid to touch, despite its essentiality as a functional but cathartic object. The bocio is the object that more than any other in the world lays bare its human presence- Consisting entirely of relics, it is more like a magic charm than the Neapolitan horn that we keep in our pocket. It is holier than a rosary. It is an exquisite corpse, a sublime point in art, religion and African philosophy, a Brancusi in reverse. Perhaps the innermost secret of the world’s animism lies in pan-African tribal identity.” So, what’s your “Bocio doll”?


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