Few lines about…Erri De Luca.


Erri De Luca

Why do we love so much Erri De Luca? Just to start, where can you find a “human being” with the ability of knowing how to nominate thoughts and feelings without emphasis, evocatively, like him? Erri has the lucidity of a poet and writer, of someone who is used to untangling the complexity of this world and ordering in a sequence of original words, where object and subject, exterior and interior, thing and thought come together and fuse.

When you listen or read Erri De Luca’s words, they follow unusual rhythms, like the rhythm of breathing…the rythm of his native town, Napoli…

“I learnt to breathe in time with the city’s sighs of relief, flashes of anger, catarrhal coughs, and ripples of laughter. My writing is informed by the sulfur and the carbon monoxide of the braziers lit in small rooms overlooking icy, suffocating streets. It comes from the smell of home-roasted coffee and the feint gurgle of the pot cooking Sunday’s thick sauce all night by the heat of a candle.”

In every book, short story, play, song, Erri De Luca offers to us extraordinary tools to interpret things, to give shape to thought and feelings, touching our hearts, indelibly…thank you Erri for the extraordinary gift of your words!


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